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Origins of Halloween

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Origins of Halloween - The night we have a lot of fun


When it comes to celebrating the holidays with imaginative costumes, nothing can beat Halloween. As the day approaches on October 31 each year, the excitement around Halloween increases. It is the celebration of the things associated with the dead and the supernatural elements associated with them such as ghosts, witches and other spiritual beings. However, the celebration of the ghostly night is not without meaning or justification and has its own roots. The history of Halloween shows that it is a coincident festival of pagan rituals and Christian faith.


Origins of Halloween: With changing times, the celebrations and their meanings have changed. Now Halloween is a secular, community-based holiday where kids can have a lot of fun and tend to start preparing weeks in advance. Yet the roots of the party remain unforgotten.


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It dates back to over 2000 years ago when the Celts had the upper hand. They celebrated their New Year's Eve party "Samhain" on October 31 every year. It was to celebrate and mark the end of the summer season. They also believed that it was the day when the dead rise from their sleep and wander the land to possess the earthly souls. So to stay protected and not get involved in paranormal activities, the Celts dressed up as monsters, ghosts, witches and other supernatural elements they could think of.


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They turned off all the lights in their houses and set out in mischief. The basic idea was to stay protected from pursuit or possession. The Celtic priests would also make bonfires and offer sacrifices. These rituals have faded, leaving the pumpkin carving and the costumes only for the current generation of Halloween traditions.


Honoring the Supernatural: With pagan rituals toned down, the day found new roots in America through Christianity as the Irish celebrations of Halloween or Hallow'en (Evening of the Hallow), celebrated on November 1, gained popularity. The word 'Hallow' in old English means 'saint'. That is why it is also called All Saints' Day. It is a day when all Christian saints are honored.


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While the next day is marked All Souls Day, which honors all Christians who are no longer alive and who were not saints. On All Hallows Eve or on Halloween, Irish beggars would ask for money or food. Those who refused to give were threatened to be destroyed by the evil spirits and paranormal entities. This ritual of asking has invariably continued as children wearing costumes today wear illuminated ornaments and go to people's homes to get treats.


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The whole concept of trick or treating, ghost storytelling makes it more fun and of course nobody dares to forget to keep themselves filled with soul cakes, raisin rolls, chocolates, candies, pastries and goodies when they come knocking at the door.


So it's not just coming up with new ideas for desserts, costumes, and themes for Halloween parties, it's the essence of respecting the dead and celebrating life that needs to be inculcated. We wish everyone a happy Halloween all year round!


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