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Denver Halloween party

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4 fun reasons why you should hire a professional face painter at your Denver Halloween party


With a professional face painter at your Denver Halloween party, your party can be turned from amateur to professional in no time. Every year, many people spend hours slathering on Halloween outfits, then either let the overall impression down by not paying so much attention to the details on their faces, or they simply cover their faces with a mask. If you want to have a terrifyingly successful Halloween party this year, here are four top reasons why you should have a professional face painter too.


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1. All your guests get professional theater make-up


Having face paint at your party means that all your guests will get a unique and detailed look to match their costume. Painted faces make people look more realistic and are much more practical at a party than wearing a mask. Face painting is an art and looks best when done professionally. It also makes a big surprise for your guests when they arrive.


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2. Face painters have experience with children


If you've ever tried painting kids' faces at a party, you know it's easier said than done. You probably only did it once, right? That's because kids can be demanding and impatient. And if you were planning on offering them a selection of faces to choose from, there's always at least one kid pushing your creative boundaries and asking for the impossible.


Add to that the pressure of the rest of the kids waiting in line, and you've got yourself a pretty stressful situation to deal with at a party. Professionals know how to handle children, how to calm them down and how to show off designs they will love, whether they want to look different or just like everyone else.


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3. You have professional makeup and accessories


The other part about trying to paint faces yourself is the fact that it won't last and can sweat if it's not professional quality. A professional makeup artist uses high-quality paint, makeup and accessories so your guests can wear their faces all night long.


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4. It can take the stress out of making the costume


If everyone just makes a simple costume and leaves the details to the makeup, the whole prep process is easier and less stressful for everyone involved.


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