Halloween autistic children

How scary can Halloween be for autistic children?


Halloween is just around the corner and kids are all getting ready for this big day and trying to look their scariest. Any kind of celebration evokes the smell of celebration and fun and it probably doubles for kids, but does the same mean for kids with autism? This question will certainly lead to doubt among many. No matter how much you think, the truth remains that when it comes to autism and children who suffer from it, the moments of joy just dwindle because no matter the occasion, children with this disorder choose to stay in their room away from people and social contacts. meeting. Autism as a disorder acts as an inhibitory effect of socializing and being part of social gatherings, this is something we are already aware of and Halloween is one of those social gatherings where people get together and kids try to behave at their creepiest best.


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Does Halloween Affect Autistic Children?


Halloween is one of the creepiest festivities, not for the faint of heart and it is during such festivities that young children try to show their bravest side, all in good spirits. This is one such occasion where even parents get involved in the festivities and make an effort to reminisce and rethink their childhood about how spooky they would become. Parties like this are all about dimmed lights and Halloween masks everywhere and makeup that makes you scared to look at yourself. In the midst of so much fun and enjoyment that people often fail to notice, the idea of ​​fun doesn't stay the same for autistic children. In fact, the party is not fun for them but scary because of the disabilities they suffer from.


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Let's take a look at some of the things that make this festival of fun and quirky spookiness so scary for them:


Autism as a disorder makes you a social outcast because at most social gatherings you become the butt of all the jokes that drastically break your confidence. Halloween is again a festival suitable for people of all walks of life and all ages. Kids, their parents and even young groups of friends, everyone seems to be having their share of fun, but the story is very different for the other section of people suffering from a condition that has no cure, for them it's just an ordinary day because they are usually sidelined from large society.


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Autistic children prefer a very disciplined life where there is a formal structure and things go according to the norms of the rigid structure. Any change in the form of social gatherings or parties is not part of their daily activities so when confronted with such gatherings they get totally confused and eventually get scared and unresponsive.


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The concept of Halloween is to scare people around you and doing that with autistic kids is easiest because having people around them is reason enough for them to get scared and furthermore if you have to be spooky then you will. this moment of celebration and celebration are not so for them. In most cases, children with this neurological condition tend to run away or cut themselves off from such a scenario.


So it's best to say that the definition of joy is not the same for autistic children compared to the other children around them who are considered "normal" by society's standard definition.